A Word From Rick Mattoon

"As an industry veteran who knows and strongly supports the needs of salon owners, I'm proud to be associated with TanningNearYou.com.

There literally is no downside to try out the program. I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself how TanningNearYou can help you increase your business."

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Rick Mattoon
Founder and Director
American Tanning Institute

Internet's Leading Directory of Indoor Tanning Salons Achieves Major Milestone by Adding 1,000th Listing.

New York, NY -- Dec 12, 2008 -- TanningNearYou.com recently added the 1,000th client to its online directory of local tanning salons. Launched earlier this year, TanningNearYou.com has quickly become the leading online destination for consumers searching for local salons.

TanningNearYou.com was launched in partnership with Rick Mattoon, a 20-year industry veteran and founder of the American Tanning Institute. Mr. Mattoon notes that "people predominantly use the internet to find local service providers. TanningNearYou.com is a simple, risk-free way for tanning salons to connect with consumers who are actively searching online local salons."

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Step 1: A Prospective Client Searches For Tanning

By typing in their zip code, TanningNearYou.com visitors can browse nearby salons.

Step 2: They Request a Coupon For Your Salon

The prospective client will enter their contact information in exchange for a coupon.

Step 3: You Contact Them About Visiting

We verify the person's contact information for accuracy, then email it to you.
"We are excited by the number of new clients TanningNearYou.com has generated for us. TanningNearYou.com has assembled an outstanding team and we have been very impressed with their professionalism." "When I get my summaries at the end of the month, I can match up the amount of revenue we have generated off of new clients from TanningNearYou.com versus the amount we spent. TanningNearYou.com has brought the power and transparency of results-based internet advertising to the tanning industry." "Since we only pay for live leads that can be converted into regular customers, I see only upside to using TanningNearYou."
Carey Robbins
Sun, Sun, Sun
Troy, MI
Robbie Siegler
CEO of Darque Tan
National Chain
Peter Amit
Campbell, CA